Top 5 types of business cards for a nail artist 💅 nail business cards idea 🔥

Top 5 types of business cards for a nail artist 💅 nail business cards idea 🔥

Hello, wizards of the nail salon business world! 💖 We understand how crucial it is for you to create beauty and strive for perfection 💅🌟, and how little time you might have left for growing your business and enhancing your brand recognition. Especially when the competition can be tough, and you're constantly looking for ways to stand out not just with quality work but also through clever marketing tactics to attract new clients. 🔝 So, we’ve specially curated a collection of unique, cool, and incredibly vibrant nail business cards options for manicure artists. Scroll down and discover more!

(A little secret just for you – to save your time, we offer free design options for you to choose from. Simply place your order, pick your favorite design, approve the print permission document, and wait for the delivery of your perfect business cards!)

1| Transparent plastic business cards with holographic foil

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Check out these transparent matte business cards with holographic foil – they're a real gem for beauty industry professionals. First off, these plastic cards are waterproof, so if you work with water or solvents, your cards will easily withstand these challenges. Secondly, they look incredibly cool; transparent business cards aren’t something you see every day in average beauty salons. Thirdly, adding a QR code makes life easier for both you and your client – connecting with you, viewing your work samples, or even making payments becomes much simpler. Isn’t this the perfect little helper to have in your wallet or pocket? See how it looks right here

👉  QR code Business Cards | Frosted Plastic Business Cards

Imagine dazzling your clients with our sparkly, rainbow-hued transparent plastic cards – they're not just pretty but super durable too, perfect for beauty pros.

2| Transparent plastic business cards with printing and foil

 Transparent plastic business cards with full color printing and foil, boutique business cards, nail artist business cards, photo business cardsImagine a transparent business card that sparkles and shines with all the colors of the rainbow in the light – so captivating and vivid that it catches the eye of everyone who sees it. Now, picture this card adorned with your full-color photo, your vibrant logo, or a colorful image of your favorite artwork. The gleam of the foil and your photo blend harmoniously, synchronizing into a memorable image that not only stays with your client but also grabs the attention of potential new ones. Business cards with photo printing are indeed a powerful tool for those who are the face of their business and want to be remembered personally. We believe this is an effective tool that every influencer should try. Discover our foil and photo-printed business cards here

👉 Nail salon business cards | Hologram plastic business cards | Frosted business cards | Photo printing

Want to show off your unique style? Our full-color printing lets your personality shine through, whether it's your cute logo or a fab photo. It's a charming way to leave a lasting impression.

 3| Plastic Instagram business cards with full-color printing

Plastic Instagram business cards with full-color printing, instagram business cards, plastic instagram cards

Every practicing manicure artist uses social media as a way to keep in touch with clients and attract new audiences. Moreover, social networks, especially Instagram, serve as a simple and understandable portfolio where you can showcase your latest works. But what if you could make your Instagram profile your business card? We can make this a reality, as transparent business cards designed like an Instagram profile look incredibly cool and professional. You can use your own design for such a card, or take advantage of our ready-made template. Just send us the necessary photos and information, and we’ll customize the template just for you 🥰 Check out the template here 

👉 Instagram business cards | Clear business card | Transparent instagram cards

Our Insta-themed cards are a super fun way to merge your online sparkle with your real-world charm. They're cool, professional, and oh-so-you!

 4| Translucent colored plastic cards with foil embossing

Translucent colored plastic cards with foil embossing, hot pink card, plastic business cards, clear cards

Color is a vital element of the world around us. It shapes associations, as each specific hue evokes a spectrum of emotions that can contribute to the recognition of your business. You can create a brand book with signature colors that follow your client in everything - from business cards to the interior design of your salon, thereby creating associations with your business. Fond of hot pink? It works wonderfully in the beauty sector, symbolizing femininity and elegance. Or perhaps blue? A perfect deep shade for an elegant style. Whatever your signature color may be, we can replicate it for your plastic business cards. Explore the options for such cards at the link below

👉 Full Color Transparent Plastic Business Cards | 1-3 color Foil stamping

Choose your favorite color for our translucent cards with foil embossing, and watch your brand's personality pop. It's like giving a little piece of your salon's heart in every card.

5| Business cards of custom shape form | nail bottle shape business cards

Business cards of custom shape form, nail bottle shape business cards, nail business cards, nail business card

What better way to represent your business than through the shape of your business card? Especially when the shape is relevant to the items integral to your business. For example, a nail polish bottle-shaped business card can uniquely highlight your connection to the manicure world. This card can be customized with your logo, contact details, QR code, and other essential information. If you're interested in a different shape, just let us know, and we'll be happy to work on a custom design for you. Check out the options for nail polish bottle-shaped business cards here

👉 Nail Technician Business Cards with QR code | Custom Shaped | Frosted Plastic | Real Foils

Our custom shaped business cards, like adorable nail polish bottles, are the cutest way to show off what you do best. They are unique, eye-catching and sure to make everyone smile.


Our delightful collection of business cards is like a little splash of magic for your nail salon business! Imagine dazzling your clients with our sparkly, rainbow-hued transparent plastic cards – they're not just pretty but super durable too, perfect for beauty pros. In short, our business cards are here to add a sprinkle of fun and a whole lot of style to your nail salon biz! 🌟💅✨

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