About us

Welcome everyone!

You're visiting the BcardsCreation™ website, Alt Media Group, Inc.

My name is Konstantin Puppo, i'm the owner and the founder of  BcardsCreation. This site it is not just the marketplace selling the Products and Service. It is the space of the BEST service which we try to provide to every customer and person who is interested in our work and products. It is the place with the BEST Products, made with the soul, inspiration, desire and creative approach.

I started this business as a designer 15 years ago and now have strong skills in design and production, so be sure all our business cards will be unique and professionally made.

I own typography which is my family's business. I like the creation of something unique and beautiful. Beauty inspires me. That’s why I decided to combine the designing and printing skills for creating something cool.

BcardsCreation is the company that will impress you with modern bright designs, unique and quality printing for reasonable prices! Can many shops do the same?!

The spice is in little things! Make your business card Spicy with BcardsCreation!
Thank you for choosing my shop!

Kindly, designer and owner Konstantin.