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  • Automatic Enrollment

    As you make a purchase on our website, you're automatically enrolled in our affiliate program. There's no extra work or commitment required. To actively participate or not – the choice is yours.

  • Effortless Referring

    Just distribute your business cards. We'll embed a special QR code on your cards that links to our website with your unique affiliate link. Anyone scanning this QR code will be recognized as your referral.

  • Earn from the Order

    As your referral places an order, you get 10% of their order's value.

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  • Easy QR Code Integration

    Whether you have an existing design or we're creating a new one for you, we'll seamlessly integrate your unique QR code into the design.

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No Extra Steps Needed

Just by using our services and choosing to include the QR code, you're all set to benefit from this program.

For more detailed terms and conditions of our affiliate program, please visit our webpage.
We can't wait for you to join us in this mutually beneficial journey!