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Clear Plastic | Full Color Transparent Business Cards

Clear Plastic | Full Color Transparent Business Cards

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In our company you can order clear plastic business cards. Such products are a proxy measure of financial well-being and the special status of their owner. We will make business cards that will catch your eye and look very expensive.

Most often, cards of this type are chosen when making business cards for people of creative professions. By such a business card can already understand how unconventionally its owner approaches even the most familiar things.

We accept orders to produce all types of transparent plastic cards from 100 pcs. Such as:

  • transparent cards with full color or monochrome images;
  • cards in which only a single element of the layout remains transparent, or vice versa, not the entire surface of the card is printed, but only part of it;
  • cards with glossy or matte lamination.

What about more WOW-effects? One of them is the foil stamping on plastic cards. It will make the products more attractive, thoughtful and status. As you know, it's all in the details - so are they worth neglecting?


Size: 86x54 mm / Credit card size

Material: Frosted Transparent Plastic

Thickness: 0,5 mm, or 0,76mm (Credit Card Thickness)

Print: Full-Color

Foiling: No

Special Effects: None

Shipping & Returns

  • Standard International Shipping takes 10-15 business days. (to the USA)
  • Express Expedited Shipping takes about 4-7 business days. (Worldwide)

For both options, some delays may occur. We will send the tracking number to you, so you can easily track the item status.

We DO NOT provide delivery guarantees and returns/exchanges for orders that arrive after the expected date. It may be critical for significant events, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

The buyer will shoulder any import duties and taxes imposed upon arrival to your country.


You may request a cancellation within 12 hours of purchase, but no refund if a rush order is submitted to print.

For more information, please check out the Shiping policy and Refund policy

• Customize every single detail
• Worldwide shipping
• Own factory with high-end printing machines
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Thick or Thin? That is the question

There is no obvious answer.
We can recommend you choose.
Thin cards are more convenient to use, as thin plastic takes up less space. And if you plan to carry cards with you, this is a more suitable choice.
Thick cards have a more representative look. However, it is not always necessary, for example, for an eyelash master or a flower shop. Thick cards are more convenient to use on the spot, without carrying around.

  • Transparent Clear Plastic

    - Thickness options - standard credit card thickness (0.74mm) or thin ⅔ standard credit card thickness (0.5mm)

    - Comes out with a shiny finish

    - Water and tearproof qualities

    - Transparent on both sides, so only single-sided printing is applicable

    - Prone to scratches

  • Transparent Frosted Plastic

    - Thickness options - standard credit card thickness (0.74mm) or thin ⅔ standard credit card thickness (0.5mm).

    - It has an elegant matte finish.

    - A semi-transparent appearance is similar to a frosted window.

    - Single-sided printing is applicable.

    - Not as scratch-prone as clear plastic.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I really LOVE my new business cards. I got them faster than I expected and customer service was AMAZING
I will definitely order again.

Nyree Norman

Let me tell you guys something! When I say everyone love love LOVEEEEEEEmy business cards omg 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 like I get so much compliments on the cards and I can not thank you guys enough for making my vision become reality! I definitely will be ordering more soon


BcardsCreation did such an amazing job with these holographic cards! They're so magical and looks SO COOL AND MESMERIZING under the light. I'm absolutely in love!!

Alex Brooklyn

Ive had a variety of different business cards being a massage therapist for years, and these are def my fav! Theyre easily readable, super unique, and affordable. Look forward to ordering more as soon as i get low. Love them!!!

Kayla Argylitino

I ordered some business cards from this seller. They were very polite and pleasant to work with. I gave the seller just an idea of what I wanted, and they were able to put together a great layout for the business card for me. The quality is excellent. I have showed them to a few people so far and everyone says the cards are beautiful! I got the clear plastic cards with the gold holographic foil. They shine beautiful rainbow colors and photos don’t even show how beautiful they are,

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